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Uploading artworks until 2020

So I figured out that I haven't uploaded stuff for a long time. I'm currently reviewing the stuff I did back until 2020, and decided to sort it. The "new" content will come with a date 2021. My signature shows the date when I drew the thing - and you can see it - it usually looks something like " Mavis'2022 " - where the number is the year I drew the thing.
Anyways - there was some problem with Gumroad here when I tried to edit DC characters and add older files to the batch. It gave me "something wrong, sorry" text - and I was almost there to write the support.
Few minutes the impatience took the better of me and accidentally I deleted the DC , which appeared ready for the edit I wanted to make. I know I made a stupid mistake. Therefore I had to re-do it. All the files I have on my HDD are unsorted and now I'm doing this categorization and sorting.
Now the DC characters artworks of mine, include drawings since 2017 (fewer or less) , 2018, 2019 and 2020. Now the DC characters batch contains 119 files, and probably with the versions they'll come over that count.
I'll advise the people who previously bought DC characters (as far as I remember there were around 60 files in that batch) not to buy the current one, as it may contain files they already have - I have no idea which were the files though. My asking to the guys who support me here is to ignore this batch and eventually to concentrate on the stuff that should come after year 2021 - as I'm intending to upload.


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