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Patreon - Mavis, July 2021

Yo, I'm uploading the content for July - and the people who don't mind throwing some money at me - can get it from here:
The thing here of course has a story: Around that time Hellen Parr /Elastigirl/ appeared for the second time.
Of course, she became famous around the internet after another well-known artist drew her in a suggestive pose, long ago before the appearance of Part 2 of The Incredibles. The guy drew tons of other stuff which caused him trouble and he did also other stuff that caused him even more trouble, but I'm not here to write about that.
This batch contains 28 files illustrations of Hellen Parr and versions, but also the same thing with Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6.
I kept on my streak with drawing mythical humanoids and this time I came with illustrations in lineart style for 8 of them.
I included Korasami - for no particular reason - in fact I personally dislike these - for the fetishes included.
Kora has been drawn as a futa character with an asymmetrically enlarged penis and testicles. The small series of 4 includes watersports and semen drenching. I used to draw that thing until recently - and one day, like it was all of a sudden I announced to that top patron of mine, who was asking me to draw these, that I no longer wish to draw such kind of genitals. I was expecting that they would leave their patronage - after all they were supporting me for years - and imagine how many of these I drew ( indeed I did, but for my own reasons I never show on my site, inside patreon , anywhere. I even deleted them once I made them and sent them to the patron ), yet when I told them of my decision - they stayed - and even increased their patronage.
What a guy. We agreed to draw them dicks in more acceptable sizes. (because it hurts from too big ones /joke).
Futa characters are another thing that I'm not really fond of - but I'm still okay to draw - you can browse my site and for sure you'll stumble upon one of them (dicks/joke).
The other fetish I'm considering including in my list of donts - and that shit becomes longer with each client that comes to me - is the Watersports /it's not water ski, kayaking, rafting, or swimming, but when one of the partners pees on the other one...
So... that's it from me for this batch. I'm getting back on sorting the batch for the next month - and I'll write about that in a few.



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