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Patreon content - June 2021

As you can see, I'm active these days. It's because I'm removing old content from patreon and I'm shoving it up GUMROAD. I'd like to apologize in advance if you receive more notifications from me today or the next days one after another.

I have to say I was very surprised to see what kind of shit I used to draw back in the months. You will have to understand that I'm not a fan of myself and my own works and when I scroll back to see what I was storing inside Patreon of mine - I was surprised AF!
Anyways - I was always interested in mythology, myths legends, and history. With that said - it seemed that in June I proceeded to draw mythological humanoids. /I was specific when I used to look for these on the internet/: and like I mentioned the "inspiration" for me came from this list: -

Inside the batch, I've included 2 gif animated short comics (yeah, I do crispy gif animations for fun), 17 images of mythic humanoids, a few versions of Spidergwen /in lineart/, a couple of illustrations...
And yeah - it seems that June 2021 was dry for me as well.
Tell you what guys - these several months since April 2021 onward - when I was showing lineart drawings as content attracted clients and patrons who were into my lineart works. I used to believe that patrons prefer to see only my illustrations, now I offer both: illustration and lineart - inside my patreon and outside of it.
Those who don't mind supporting me - can get this batch from this location: , or just become my patron to get the newest stuff from me:

For freebies and stuff just come and check my site :
or follow me on Twitter :


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