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Batch - April and May 2021

As a freelance artist, I'm counting primarily on commissions. However, some months are "dry" for me. By that, I mean I get fewer commissions than usual - that means less money and presumably less content. This logic makes sense. However, in my case, it's not like that. I'm no longer concentrated on "doing the job", but I become a magnet for ideas - they start to flow to me. In order not to "lose" any, I'm making a fast sketch of it and it stays like that ... for god knows when. I used to hold these for years - forgotten on my HDD, not to show them to anyone - because I believed that people wouldn't like my sketches.
That month I asked my patrons whether they would like to see my lineart sketches - should I show them - as content for the month. They encouraged me to do so. Since then I started to use my lineart works more often - offering them even as commissions.
For April and May, I did a lot of loose lineart sketches - both mainstream and NSFW. For a month I usually produce between 7 and 12 artworks - illustrations of this kind (link goes to my NSFW personal site:
Anyways - these two months, were "dry " for me - and I started drawing things based on impressions. I see a funny photo - an idea jumps to my mind and I draw something quick. April was like that. 70 files - featuring lineart drawings and sketches (both colors and not colored, also mainstream and NSFW). Of course, there were few illustrations but these were in between. When I'm " out of control" - I am trying to animate. Results are crispy, yet hopefully funny animations. In April's batch, I included an animated loop of Morticia Addams and the Thing. May's batch is also there in this very same zip - and has 64 files.
What is so special about this batch is that I've read about Mythical creatures around the world and made lineart illustrations of some of them: Lice South American Ciguapa, Human Pig that brings luck to men, Mermaid, Bugbear, or the Slavic Domovik (an older guy who's protecting the homes of people and takes care of family, baths and sometimes the unhappy wife).
Unfortunately for me when I decided to pull out these and offer them here on GUMROAD, I didn't figure out how to get the description of those specific creatures - and this takes out some of the coolness in this.
Anyways.... Those who care - can get that batch from this location :

The creatures I used to illustrate came from this list :


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