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Patreon - Mavis, August 2021

Sometimes there's less content than in other months. The reason is that I probably started work on comic strips. It takes me around 2 months to create a comic strip with 10-15 pages. Sometimes even more. It's not because I'm lazy, or slow. The reason is that I'm working on commissions through that entire time. Sometimes I'm starting a few things at the same time with hopes that I will come up with more, but I always forget how hard/or impossible / is to carry two melons in one hand.
Anyways - I'm setting a $3 for this batch, as it contains a short comic with two pages - featuring Barbara Gordon in a totally safe-to-watch comic, more sketches of Mythical humanoids, 4 illustrations and their versions. And that's that.


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The Request (nsfw comic)

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