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Patreon - Mavis, April 2022 and May 2022

Hello guys -
I'm uploading the content for April and May , 2022 /separatedly/.
What is new is the fact that I started to do more crispy animations /loops/- I started to integrate those even in the comics I do. I'm inviting you guys to check what I recently did with my original and very NSFW ongoing-comic "Nicholas The Bard" , on my site - eventually to follow the story of him :

Please consider becoming my patron at :
Being a patron will get you access to my monthly works which include:
- the requests for the top-tier patrons
- short comics and /or animated loops
- access to the discord server, which is something new to me (despite the fact that I have had that thing for over a year, but had no idea how to use it so far), so there I'll be uploading sketches and funny NSFW videos I find on the internet - those videos later might be an inspiration for me to create something else.

HOWEVER : You can join my discord server anyways - here :, where you could discuss my comic Nicholas, or my other artworks /or at least that's my original idea of having that thing/.
As for the other sketches , one has to be my patron... :D

Peace !
Dave out :)


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