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Golds of Altir : Dead Prince

Back in 2017 I was having the idea to create a comic with my own original character and to get known with that like the other artists does. I made the very first issue, which you're able to get from here 
And then all of a sudden I decided to go with next issue but in Adobe Flash format - I talk about the sequence of this comic, but in flash - with click to action buttons and that's all.
Unfortunately around that time/shortly after/ - Adobe decided that they won't support Flash player anymore and now the files are unplayable, impossible to be seen.
Anyways - their location is no secret and they can be found freely here : 
part 1 :
part 2 :

Note : I repeat myself again - people probably won't be able to see the files since Flash is not supported anymore and they are exactly in this format.

In my mind I'm thinking about to make a completely brand new comic where I'm telling the exact same story like in those flash files, but right now I'm overwhelmed and busy with other projects.
Which means I may or may not continue my work on Kyana's story. But one never knows.

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