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DC Characters - illustrations and short comics until 2020

I decided to sort my content in categories and offer them here to those of you who don't mind to join me on my internet adventure: making comics and illustrations for grownups. It took me quite a long time to explain the old and new clients and patrons that I am drawing popular characters from : comics, games, movies and from recent years even anime.
Anyways - the first batch for me to upload is works that I did a few years ago ( somehow with better quality) and sorted them into categories. So if you're wondering why only 52 files in this one, the answer is that through that time I haven't been drawing only DC characters, but also characters from Marvel Universe, game characters, and manga/anime - all of these my style. Also not all the characters I drew in the past were worth showing out.

So - now we have a batch with 52 files that contain different DC characters in naughty poses or situations - most of those /if not all of them/ are commissions - and has at least one version along with the main one.
Anyhoo - those who want it,  can get it :
And guys - keep in mind buying this means you're also supporting my site : !

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