Mavis Draws - April and May 2021

Dave "Mavis" Rooder
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This batch contains mostly sketches and lineart drawings - both mainstream and nsfw. These two months were very prolific for me from a sketching point of view - more about this batch - I wrote in here : contains more than 130 files - (both mainstream and NSFW, not colored and full colors)
Majority of the files are made in lineart style , few illustrations and couple of gif animated loops (I do a crispy animations as hobby), a couple of short stories (one page comics) - and few illustrations /like I mentioned in the link above these couple of months were "dry" for me - and the results were these lines and sketches.
What I believe it's "special" about this batch are the small series (around 20 lineart drawings) featuring mythological humanoids. I used this list to illustrate my take on them :
Below I'm posting some samples from the safe to watch part for obvious reasons.

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Mavis Draws - April and May 2021

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