Battle of Supes (Supergirl vs Captain Marvel ) NSFW parody comic + artworks October 2022

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October 2022 was pretty prolific to me - despite the fact that I didn't come with many side-works (illustrations or pinups ) this month. I started a new series of comics featuring heroines from the big comic companies and decided to face them against each other, putting them in hilarious and funny situations. And since this is an NSFW comic, without the presence of any males the whole thing came out to be very... gay.
Or lesbian if you prefer. In fact, I have already made 2 more features of that sort, which I will present here in the following months, and all of them will feature some of the known heroines. Of course, this is a parody, so if the hardcore fans of DC and Marvel, please be warned that nothing of what you'll see will cover your expectations. None of the characters act as themselves: they are irrational, silly, or utterly stupid - as the whole idea of the comic. My whole idea about this was to amuse myself and my patrons. Please don't take the comic to your hard, or seriously.
So guys - here's the content of this batch:

Battle of Supes: Supergirl vs Captain Marvel :
16 fully colored pages, + 4 additional illustrations (including the cover )
One of the pages has an animated panel to make the whole thing more ... understandable.

This batch also contains some artworks (as ordinary content for October 2022) and commissions as follows:

1. Halloween masquerade: Cassandra Cain and Connor Kent /dressed as Frankenstein and his bride /- lineart
2. Cassandra and Connor - flying and shagging - illustration
3. A random catgirl - lineart - 2 versions
4. Danni Moonstar, Pixie, and Psylocke - in hot action, lineart - 2 versions /clean, mess/
5. Elektra - lineart pinup totally Safe for Work
6. Emma Frost -illustration pinup- 2 versions
7. Ghost Pirate - a character from the game Sea of Thieves
8. Harley Quinn - lineart pinup , absolutely SFW
9. Mirko and Nomu - from My hero academia, illustration
10. Mortal Combat : Kitana, Jade and Frost - lineart , 2 versions /clean and mess/
11. Power Girl and Super Girl - illustrations - 2 versions clean and mess.
12. Queen Goblin and Green Goblin lineart, 2 versions clean, mess
13. Random Reptilian girl - lineart
14. Rojo, Gwen and Julie from Ben 10 - lineart , 2versions clean and mess
15. Shehulk (futa) and Sue Storm - illustration - 2 versions clean and mess
16. Stephanie Brown clothes change - lineart

I am offering the comic strip only (without the other artworks) on demand to the people who pledge $10 on my patreon. The advantages of being a $10 patron of mine are :

  • you can get one comic strip per month from the list shown here on my site:
  • you will be able to commission a line-art artwork pretty cheaply as shown here : - Please check the price for patrons and compare it with the price for non-patrons
  • you will be able to watch the rest of the content inside and the newest that should come.
  • and you will be supporting me as your favorite art dude! :-)

    Guys, please use the rating system to vote for the content :-)
    This will show other people if the content is good, but it also will help me understand what you prefer to see the most . Thanks a lot for your support ! :-)
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16 different artworks (and versions ) + fully colored comic : "Battle of Supes: Supergirl vs Captain Marvel " - first issue, 16 pages

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Battle of Supes (Supergirl vs Captain Marvel ) NSFW parody comic + artworks October 2022

0 ratings