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Dave "Mavis" Rooder
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Content for June 2021 is now here on Gumroad. This batch contains 30 files which include:
1. 17 Mythical humanoids from this list (continuation from previous months) :
this time I renamed them in order to be recognized - Dökkálfar and Ljósálfar - couldn't be recognized as symbols by Windows Zipping program, so I had to rename those to Dark and Light elves.
2. Hulk and Black Widow - short comic, gif animated - inspired by the "JIFF", or "the GIF" - google it for reference
3. Romantic guy - short comic 5 pages - which means to be a joke, but also can be seen on my site :
4. SpiderGwen - 5 versions of her - including one where she yells : Outrage. /I'll show one of these as a sample here.
5. Black Cat - illustration in two panels /call it a short comic if you wish/.
6. Totally Safe to watch pinup of Penelope Pitstop./which I will post here as a sample/
7. An illustration of 2 characters (one of them is a femdude) from the game "Sea of Thieves" - 2 versions of them - tentacles/Kraken/ - in, out ... if that makes sense
8. Gif Animated version of Santanico Pandemonium - inspired by Salma Hayek from "Dusk Till Dawn" , but my version of her.
9. And amazing short comic, totally gif animated and named : Elastic Man.
Total, 30 files !
Warning : all the other/the rest of the artworks inside these files is strictly and absolutely NSFW!!!

  • 30 files - the content for month of June on my :

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    39.8 MB
  • 30 files - the content for month of June on my :
  • Size39.8 MB
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Patreon - Mavis, June 2021

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