Patreon - Mavis, August 2021

Dave "Mavis" Rooder
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  1. 8 Random Lineart drawings, including some of the Mythological humanoids
  2. Babs Gear Freak - 2 page totally safe to watch comic/featuring Barbara Gordon changing clothes and dressed as other known characters from other comics.
  3. Catwoman and Harley - illustration two versions /messy, clean/
  4. Hermione and Pansy - illustration (characters were made to be 21 years old), 3 versions with minor change on objects around the scenery - sign on blackboard, objects around them, magic aura over Hermione's head.
  5. Powergirl in a Threeway (presumably Bats and Supes) - 3 versions of it, including internal view.
  6. WonderWoman, Powegirl and Starro - 1 image only, milking, ahegao.
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Patreon - Mavis, August 2021

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